See Saawariya if you need to get some thinking done. Not that Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bollywood flick provokes thought—much to the contrary. During its 142 minutes of sari-swirling and hip-twitching, so little happens that you could tune out for an hour only to rediscover the same strapping fellow pursuing the same fickle damsel. The film, touted as the first Bollywood movie produced by a Hollywood studio, revolves around Raj (Ranbir Kapoor), who is a paragon of good looks and good manners, and Sakina (Sonam Kapoor), who is hot. (Both actors hail from the same influential showbiz family.) Raj spends the film wooing Sakina, bursting into song, and empathizing with sorrowful women. Which reminds me of thoughts the film did provoke. The first: How does the unbelievably emotional Sakina cry so much without smudging her eye makeup? The second (and last): Do they import that brand to the United States? Despite Raj’s efforts, Sakina’s heart will always belong to the scary-looking fellow who wins her with the line “Will you agree to live a life full of hardships with me?” We can only wonder how she will handle the upcoming challenges, given that friendly jokes make her sob. Alternatively, see this movie if you need to get some sleep.