It’s Official: CBGB To Be John Varvatos. But Wait, There’s More.


From our flat-mate Runnin’ Scared:

Designer John Varvatos gave Voice writer Lynn Yaeger the brush-off despite repeated attempts for comment and then officially announces that he’s opening a boutique in the storefront that once housed CBGB on the same day her article “All Sold Out at CBGB” hit newstands. That’s so punk.

Said Jesse Malin of the news: ““After getting to know John over the years and seeing him host wonderful live music performances, I can’t think of anyone better to keep the spirit and soul of rock music alive on the Bowery in the old CBGB’s location.”

Me too!

“I think it’s great … now all the old CBGB punks will become the best dressed CBGB punks in the world,” declared Alice Cooper.

Cooper. Go. Back. To. Sleep. [“Runnin’ Scared”]