Krist Novoselic Joins Blogger Club at Seattle Weekly


Our make-out cousins at Seattle Weekly were jealous of NPR wrangling Carrie Brownstein. So they phoned God for a favor, who asked Kurt for the e-mail addy of Mr. Krist Novoselic. Novoselic’s first post starts out with an anecdote about being interviewed by FUSE that ends up verifying the origin of that “Smells Like Teen Spirit” phrase:

Indeed, Kathleen Hannah wrote, “Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit” on Kurt’s apartment wall. I recall seeing it and thinking, “Too much cheap red wine!” I don’t know why she wrote it but I know for sure that Kurt Cobain did not have any odor problems. Even though his place was a mess, he took care of his hygiene. This person would soak in the bath night after night only listening to the Beatles.

I don’t do a lot of Nirvana interviews. I could do a documentary interview about the band everyday, forever!

From here, we end up with a rebuttal of his hometown’s interpretation of anarchy.

To the anarchist, the state is the enemy. I don’t believe in that. I was appalled at the knuckleheads who committed acts of violence against property during the Seattle WTO ministerial in 1999. I walked through the broken glass and inhaled enough tear gas to leave that scene in disgust. There is the non-violent vein of the ideology called pacifist-anarchy.

Least he’s a better typer than C-Lo! [“Daily Weekly”]