Havana Chelsea Owner: Casa Havana is a Fake!


Earlier this week, we took a look at Casa Havana, a “Cuban diner” which is getting set to open in the old Havana Chelsea spot on Eighth Avenue. One commenter asked whether this new concept was the work of the original owners, and today we got the answer, also through the convenient comment section.

Kristian Cainas, who says he is the original owner of Havana Chelsea, writes to say that Casa Havana is simply an impostor capitalizing on the popularity of the real Cuban lunch counter. Of course, we’ll have to wait for the place to open to judge it, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that the old crew will find a location in which to reopen Havana Chelsea, which it sounds like they’re trying to do. Naturally, we have already emailed to follow up on this info, so expect to be updated next week.

Now, the comment:

This is the original owner of havana chelsea…. it will not be the same!!!! Casa de Havana will be Under new management, new cooks and different service. They juss renamed it casa de havana to redeem its orignal customers. Myself and the rest of my crew are awating our new location please be patient in the situation that the original Havana Chelsea will open soon and in a brand new location… Havana chelsea website is not the original website!!!!! We dont have a website.. thats casa de havana puttin up a fake name.. Trying to be the great luncheotte which used to be there.. If Any question.. please feel free to contact me on the real details of the original Havana Chelsea!!!!!