Thanksgiving: Live-Blogging My Moms


Folks, if you are responsible for Thanksgiving dinner, or some portion of it, don’t fret. Even though all the hysterical housewife commercials are airing, and the hotlines are opening up, I urge you not to have a cow. My mom is going to hold hands with you all week.

The cooking begins on Sunday, and I will be documenting each step of the process, beginning with the stuffing. Now, you should know, my mom is not just any great mom-cook. She is the editor of many cookbooks, and the author of some as well, including one entitled Stuffings, so you can count on her.

Here is her menu, if you want to follow along.

Roquefort crisps
Spiced Walnuts

Celery Root with Braised Shallots Soup

Roasted Turkey
Brussels sprouts
Butternut squash
Pureed potatoes
Glazed Onions
Fresh cranberry relish
Cranberry-red pepper chutney

Caramel/pecan pie
Pumpkin pie