The Christmas List: Black Sheep Sweater


Since it doesn’t seem polite to actually register for Christmas gifts, we here at Threadster have decided to make our hopes and dreams public, in case anyone would like to fulfill them (hi Mom!) this year.

Alternatively, this may give you readers some ideas for things you’d like to give or request. First up: The black sheep sweater from Cordarounds. Yes, a sweater made from black sheep, and a very cute (unisex) one.

From the website:

This holiday season, we’re proud to unveil our latest concept: the Black Sheep Sweater — an idea that began with a “What if?” followed by a resounding “Why not?” Within minutes, we were asking the woolsmiths of the world if such a garment could possibly be produced.

Turns out it’s difficult to find enough black sheep to make the damn things. But we kept on looking, because at Cordarounds we believe the black sheep of the family ought to be able to wear the figure of speech.

At long last, we found a mill in Ireland that manufactures black sheep sweaters in an old-worldly, wonderfully eco-sensitive way.