Project Runway: When Art School Kids Grow Up


First off, dear readers, we apologize for not being able to bring you our Runway reactions yesterday. There were technical reasons for this that are beyond our comprehension, but we’re here for you now.

The first episode of Season 4 was, as always, a lot to take in. With so many designers to meet, the drama hasn’t developed yet. But thank God for Elisa, right? As soon as we heard about the marionettes and saw her mushing some chiffon into the grass, we knew this was our girl. (“I decided to imbue it with a natural element.”) And, even though her dress was “pooing fabric,” we knew the producers couldn’t let her go either. (“so I decided to create a cascade, almost like water, or magic… a haiku of a cut.”) Thanks, Bravo!

Our man friend was all sad because the pretty girl got voted off, but guess what, buddy? This show is not for straight dudes (although they love it).

But, crazy as we are, we can’t say we think Elisa will win this thing. In fact, that runway show seemed like a whole lotta crap. We knew we loved the tiny gay guy from watching his submission video:

Wow, reality TV has really fucked us up. It’s made us love the people we would hate in real life, and hate anyone who seems like they could have gone to high school with us.