65 Revisited


The much-ballyhooed release of Todd Haynes’s I’m Not There
brings a newsy excuse for a big-screen 65 Revisited—a vérité melange of outtakes from D.A. Pennebaker’s stupendous Bobby-at-24 documentary Don’t Look Back, heretofore a deluxe-edition DVD extra. But also thank Haynes for this: Watch these 63 minutes for the first time and you’ll be haunted by Cate Blanchett’s Dylan avatar Judd Quinn. Unnerving but fitting that the historical Dylan would evoke a counterfeit—the original was, of course, a proud fake. Not fake: Dylan’s staggering talent as a solo performer, which 65 Revisited showcases far better than its A-side antecedent. And so there’s young Zim singing “Purple Heather” backstage with romantic foil Joan Baez; smirking playfully at an inaudible Liverpool audience before imparting a perfectly syncopated “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”; proving that a white man can flow with the pithy rhyme delivery of “It’s Alright Ma” in Manchester. There’s also some additionally priceless press-taunting. (Q: “How do you see yourself in the future—as a singer or a writer?” A: “I see myself sleeping in the future.”) And one extremely important lesson: Don’t ever throw away your old tapes.