Thanksgiving HQ: Mind-Altering Brussels Sprouts


For the record, I argued against this pose, but he really,
really wanted to be on the internet.

People who hate Brussles sprouts should really get my mom’s servant dad to come over and core and take the leaves off each one. He might sigh deeply throughout the process, and periodically stop to stretch his weary bones out, but he gets the job done. (See below for detailed photos.)

When the time comes, drop these guys into a big, hot skillet coated with olive oil. Pour in just a little water (maybe 1/4 cup) to help wilt the greens. Over medium-high heat, toss them constantly, until they wilt and some of them begin to brown. Toss plenty of salt and a few handfuls of toasted pine nuts (or another kind of nuts, if you prefer) on top. Finish with a drizzle of walnut oil.

First, trim off the bottom of each Brussels sprout. Then remove the dark outer leaves. Use a pairing knife to remove the core.

Then, use your pairing knife to score the bottom of the Brussels sprout, making it easier to separate the leaves.