Thanksgiving Reviews are In


Let’s put Thanksgiving behind us with a little advice for next year. In case you have vowed never to cook again, here are some picks and warnings about eating out on Turkey Day. Aureole gets good marks, while Chinatown’s Amazing 66 is a cheaper option, but the most intriguing has to be from Chowhounder Dave Feldman:

I had T-Day dinner at Kabab “Downhill Alert” Cafe. We had the appetizer platter (foul, baba, humuus, falaffel, fried frisee, apples), blue crabs, pumpkin dumplings, whole sardines, polenta with goose fat and goose liver with bits of sauteed vegetables (crazy good), corn casserole, and then five courses of fowl — poussin mish-mish, a whole quail, whole squab, duck, and goose. Dessert was usual mix of homemade Egyptian desserts with a little store-bought apple pie, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie.

Kabab Cafe
25-12 Steinway Street
(718) 728-9858