Stupid Shit: Premiumization to be Huge in ’08


Much more hilarious than year-end wrap-ups and awards are the predictions that start rolling in about next year. for example: Next year, tells us, like this year, “premiumization” will be the thing. You know, like when someone makes four T-shirts and then each one costs a billion dollars, and then you get jumped for it, but you kind of deserved it for being such a sucker? Anyway, that applies to food also. Duh.

As trendwatching puts it: “no industry, no sector, no product will escape a premium version in the next 12 months.” Fantastic!

As usual, nothing is as clearly made for tools as bottled water. Evian has some ridiculous $20 bottle of water with a “special pouring top.” Then there’s is something called Bling H20, which is water in a bottle covered in Swarovski crystals, which makes me want to kill someone. Maybe everyone. And finally, there is Tasmanian Rain, rainwater that is captured with some magical rain-catcher in Australia. It claims to be “velvety, soft, and refreshing.” Aren’t you glad you’re not an asshole?

There’s much more, of course. Beer, honey, marshmallows, chocolate, etc.