The Sasquatch Gang


The feature directorial debut of Napoleon Dynamite‘s first A.D., Tim Skousen, is full of, shall we say, tributes to its roots, from the handful of nerdy characters who say “Gosh!” and “Crap!” too frequently to the familiar-sounding John Swihart score. Yet Skousen makes the material somewhat his own, with an overabundance of thoroughly un-Mormon shit jokes to a nonlinear, perception-based narrative structure that aspires to Rashomon levels at times. It’s unfortunate, then, that he can’t pick a protagonist, wavering back and forth between uninteresting fantasy-role player Gavin (Jeremy Sumpter) and the awesomely dumb, mullet-headed juvenile delinquent Zerk (Justin Long), who creates a Bigfoot hoax in order to pay off an overdue credit-card debt. Gavin’s story is typical teen-faces-bullies-and- gets-girl hokum, while Zerk is like a Mike Judge cartoon character come to life, with a revelatory slapstick performance from the often straight-laced Long.