Live: Tegan and Sara at Webster Hall



Since we thieved our namesake from this VV column, it behooves us to direct you to Scott Indrisek’s printy SOC piece about the Tegan and Sara show at Webster Hall last week. Not quite the “tampon rock” defense/controversy, but we hear this:

The simple act of attending a Tegan and Sara show can generate a lot of guff from judgmental acquaintances; you’d think I was effusively praising the upcoming Spice Girls reunion or—Quelle horreur!—Ani DiFranco. Despite the pitch-perfect emo-pop of their latest, The Con, hating on the Quinn twins seems to be a surprisingly popular pastime. One friend said that he couldn’t hear their name without conjuring a hit from another duo with a very different relationship to lesbianism: T.A.T.U., the Russian popsters responsible for “All the Things She Said.” And you know what? He’s sort of right—listen to the chorus of The Con‘s title track. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Relocate Tegan and Sara to the Continent and they could kick some Eurovision ass.

Also worth noting: Tegan and Sara covered “Umbrella” again. Hope it was better than the Bright Eyes’ Tom Petty cover we witnessed that same night uptown at Radio City. Who’s got the bootleggy link?

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