Project Runway: Asians are Fierce!


Last night, the Project Runway producers thought they figured out a way to please their fans, some of whom may be straight females or gay men. Not the Tiki Barber part, but the part with the man models in their panties. Unfortunately, watching people try to make suits is really boring.

The news of this episode: muscle-faced model guy is HIV positive and has never felt better. He also won the challenge, but it barely counted. Joey Fat One is now Joey Straight One. His geometric facial hair survived for another week, unfortunately, but Carmen did not. Thank God. We couldn’t look at her giant chokers for another minute. Ms. Polymorphic Spitmark will slobber on her drapings, but chooses only to touch one male. Wilmer cried hysterically again, Nina and Michael are still as orange as possible, and the gay teenager loves Asians. See you next week.