Food Protection Course, Lesson One: Know Your Sanitarians


We have just completed the first lesson in the 15-lesson journey known as the Department of Health’s online food safety course. And guess what, Mom? We passed the quiz. To be clear, unless you can’t read and/or speak English, there’s no real excuse for not passing this quiz. It consisted of several true/false questions, along the lines of: Inspectors are encouraged to take bribes. (False.)

The hardest thing about this so far is reading through the lessons, which are mind-numbingly boring. But there are fun parts, like when we learned the phrase “sanitarian,” which is like the new street lingo for “narc.”

All Sanitarians have Department of Health and Mental Hygiene badges and identification cards that they must display whenever it is requested of them.

Next time you’re selling a bag of oregano on the street corner and some guy who looks like a door-to-door salesman in an enormous DOHMH windbreaker approaches, just look him straight in the eye and ask to see his badge.

If you would like to join us in attaining your food handler’s certificate, get on board. The online course is being offered for free, but only though the month.