Slick Rick Interview


This New Year’s Eve, Studio B pairs hip-hop pioneer Slick Rick with Moby in what’s certainly one of the most unexpected events of the night in all of New York. Sure beats watching the ball drop from prison—outta one eye, no less.

So, big New Year’s party at Studio B this year, right? Yeah, I guess. I have someone who takes care of all my scheduling, so all I know is that it’s in Brooklyn. I’m bringing the old-school ’80s to the party, you know?

Right. Studio B’s a great place, you’ll like it. And you’re performing alongside Moby—do you two know each other? Ha. No. We’re two different genres, but we’re bringing it together for one night. It should be a good look.

You must have some good New Year’s Eve stories. Nah, not really. Just the same as everybody else—look forward to the New Year, make resolutions and all that.

Do you have any resolutions this year? I gotta come up with a way to stay at a certain weight.

What have you got going on in 2008? Oh, well, I’m a landlord in the Bronx, you know, so I’m thinking I might like to expand that. The landlord business—it’s good for those rainy days, you know?

Have big Christmas plans? Oh, Christmas is more for the kids, you know.

And you have two, right? How old are they? One’s 16, the other one’s 17.

What’s on their Christmas lists? Their Christmas lists? All of Daddy’s money. Same as every year.

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