The Perfect Holiday


Nancy (Gabrielle Union) is a normal suburban mom who wears sweatpants as she shuttles her kids to and from ballet class. She’s also trying to move on from an ill-fated marriage to rap star J-Jizzy (Charles Q. Murphy, flashing his teeth and his bling). When her angelic daughter (Khail Bryant) tells a shopping-mall Santa that all she wants for Christmas is for her mommy to be happy, Santa—who turns out to be a regulation hottie underneath all that cotton wool—gets to work. His real name is Benjamin (Morris Chestnut), and he falls hard for Mommy. Unfortunately, Benjamin is also an aspiring r&b singer whose greatest desire is to have a record produced by J-Jizzy. During the ensuing hour of pratfalls and mistaken identities, the actors distinguish themselves mainly by their ability to make the material, directed and co-written by Lance Rivera, seem even more painfully awkward and unfunny than it already is—which is very.