Photos from Inside a Top-Secret Dumpling Factory!


When I heard about Sun Le, the dumpling master who makes TKettle’s juicy little masterpieces, I was determined to get into her workshop and see the magic happen. Just before Thanksgiving, thanks to Andy Pan, who owns TKettle, I accomplished this goal. You can read all about it in this week’s issue of the paper, and after the jump below, check out many more photos from the undisclosed Queens basement location.

Sun’s sister, Ping, is the only person on Earth she trusts with the dumplings.

Ping pulls off small pieces of dough, each the perfect size for one dumpling skin.

Teamwork: Ping rolls out the skins, and Ping fills them.

As soon as they’re made, the dumplings go into this giant freezer.

Here’s my favorite part: Sun boils a batch of lamb dumplings for a few minutes, for me and Andy Pan.

This is Andy, and that plate of 12 dumplings is just for him. Sun told me that at the restaurant where she worked in China, one order was either 12 or 18 dumplings.

Yes, polished off my 12 as well.

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