Project Runway: We Hate These People, and They Hate Each Other!


Come and knock on our door…

So, last night on Project Runway, we learned that Wilmer Valderrama (a/k/a “Ricky”) speaks fluent Modern Dance, which is closely related to the language spoken by crazy fucking art yogis, and therefore was able to communicate with Elisa by saying things like “sculpt the fabric”. We also found out that the Korean Overachiever is a passive-aggressive freak, and therefore is poised to star as this year’s villain. The fat costume maker went home, duh. Jillian is even skinnier than a model and dresses like she’s the fourth roommate on Three’s Company, yet somehow the judges found her designs “modern,” and named her the winner. Donna Karan likes plain dresses. The squinty-faced serial killer guy did a Tim Gunn impression that made us long for the days of Santino.