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Things We Forgot to Tell You in 2007 #1: McCarren Back Tattoos | Village Voice


Things We Forgot to Tell You in 2007 #1: McCarren Back Tattoos


Between the 2007-acquired inability to fall asleep before four in the morning and the very real threat of becoming a Styrofoam-chaliced hooch hound at one particular Williamsburg dive, yr friendly blog host has spent this past calendar year BFFs with live music. Felt low, I went to High Places. When I needed some advice, I sought out Girl Talk. Thirsty? It was time for Juiceboxxx.

Being a (theoretical) blog emcee and all, I would have liked to have reported back about every brush with Death by Audio, but fate (read: waking up one day in charge of this entire web site) intervened. Now that it’s nearly 2008 and my hard-drive’s gigabyte prison has just been investigated for overcrowding, I’m realizing that there are thousands of things I’ve kept from you, countless files/photos/recordings never shared, photos sent to me never posted. And so in the hopes of correcting this very grave internet injustice, SOTC presents a very special til-the-end of December series: Things We Forgot to Tell You About in 2007.

Things We Forgot to Tell You in 2007 #1

The Back Tattoo Outtakes of McCarren Park Pool

A fine photojournalistic moment for all of us here at was this end-of-summer gallery featuring posterior ink-jobs spotted at those dearly departed Sunday-afternoon JellyNYC shows. Rated on a terribleness scale of one to five bad-dragon tattoos, this series proved popular with Fark commenters, not so popular with this guy. But what was lost in the pigmented hullabaloo was that there were countless tattoo captures left on the iPhoto cropping-room floor. And so for your gander-taking pleasure. . .

The “Einstürzende Neubauten”

The “Cocktail Monkey”

The “Freckles With the Butter-Back Wings”

The “Framed Telephone Wires (Huh?)”

The “Pretentious Fuck”

The “Band-Aid-Shaped Faces”

The “I’d-Rather-Be-at-Slipknot”

The “Blonde Redhead”

The “Greased Lightning”

The “Santa Fe Tramp Stamp”

The “Holy Christ Tramp Stamp”

The “Baby Buddha Tramp Stamp”

The “Wet, Weedy Asscrack”

The “Bikini-Bottom-Sniffing Pooch”

More back tattoos from McCarren Park Pool here

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