Photos: Hagakure and Anti-Feminism at Studio B


Hagakure’s Kaya

Mad God X Princess God Coupling Tour
Featuring Hagakure and AntiFeminism
Sunday, December 9
Studio B
photos by Rebecca Smeyne

From the press release:

The concept of ANTI FEMINISM is based on ‘The Ideology of Danger’ and has captured a large audience with many outrageous stunts often performed on stage. The singer is known to set his hand on fire, break neon lights with his head, cut himself with the shards on his stomach and arms, fling vegetables with a baseball bat, and tumble around on a pile of thumbtacks.


Hagakure’s Kaya

Hagakure’s armored bassist

Anti-Feminism’s Kenzi

From our photographer:

“The guy in red with scars on his chest, red eyes and fangs is from Anti-Feminism. Near the end of the set, he went into the crowd and poured a bowl of tacks on the ground and laid on them. . . I had 5 stuck in my shoes.”


Anti-Feminism’s Kenzi, reclining on tacks

A fan of visual kei

ISORA, an opening act



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