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Cemusa’s Bus Shelter Cement Problems


Check that out: The concrete is already crumbling and it hasn’t even been a full winter.

Cemusa, a Spanish firm, shocked many industry watchers when it landed a billion-dollar municipal franchise to outfit the city’s new street furniture: bus shelters, newsstands, and some 20 public toilets. The company, in turn, gets to sell advertising on the street furniture at top dollar.

So far the newsstand operators have complained that the sleek stands may look good but they’re leaky, ramshackle and easy to break in to.

Another problem seems to be the cement work around the new bus shelters, at least those that recently went up along Prospect Park Southwest. I’m no Johnny Concrete, but when cement is degrading and crumbling just a few weeks after it was poured, it wouldn’t seem to indicate quality work.

If there are complaints about the newsstands and shoddy work at the bus shelters, what will go wrong with the new toilets Cemusa is installing?

The degrading concrete will start to collect water and freeze, then just wait for the lawsuits to start rolling in.

That looks neat, doesn’t it?

Sloppy, sloppy work.

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