More Ways to Waste Time on the Internets!


We have just discovered yet another outlet for our self-important restaurant critiques. As if this blog wasn’t enough. We have already found out our “Food IQ” on Facebook, and of course you can virtually bake a pie for your friend, or make a meatpie out of her(?), figure out what fast food chain you would be, what type of bagel you are, tell you friends about your diet (boo!), share “food porn”… and way too much more.

But there are also Menu Pages-esque applications that let you keep your friends up to date with where you’ve been eating and why the sauce was too rich or the service was excellent. This, like sharing movie recommendations or music picks, could actually be useful, since you know where the advice is coming from, and whether you tend to agree with the reviewer (unlike many sites, which are frequented by anonymous wingnuts). Plus you never have to talk to anyone in person again. Maybe you can just bring your blackberry to dinner.