Talking Shit with the Sprinkle Brigade


The Riviera Gallery proudly presents Sprinkle Brigade’s Equipped, an exhibit of their photographs of decorated dog poo. SB’s mission is to beautify the New York City landscape by showing you that dog shit can be a beautiful thing.
Photo by The Sprinkle Brigade

VV: We understand that you like to photograph dog shit and create art with it. But we’d like you take us back to the beginning—where does the name Sprinkle Brigade came from?

TSB: The Shepard’s dad had a lawn mowing business. That was until the great drought of ‘98 killed his business. Ever since then he has preached turbulent weather and the conjuring of rain showers. Later it turned into a cult called the Sprinklists. Not much came of them, and they ended up all buying knock-off croc skin loafers and jumping off a cliff. But we always thought the Shepard’s dad was cool.

VV: Explain the creative process for us. Do your ideas come before or after finding the poop? Do you have equipment/props there on the scene, ready at a moment’s notice?

TSB: We’ve learned quickly that poo is not something you can control. It just is, what it is. So rather than try and tame the beast, we go out sprinklin’ with a range of ideas, and wait ever so patiently to find the perfect specimen. ‘Poodolph’ for instance, would not have worked out so well if it was a giant swirling mound of soft serve.

VV: What do you do with the doo-doo after your artistic epiphany is over?

: It’s like our saying goes “Just leave it.We got it”. All of our creations are left on site for the rest of the world to enjoy. In fact, we heard a heart warming story the other day about a guy who was down on his luck and going through a tough time. He stumbled across one of our pieces and it made his day.

VV: What can we expect from you in the future? Will your love for “urban beautification” go even further and move beyond the city—perhaps we’ll see you in the forest looking for bear shit?

TSB: I think we have sort of beat you to the punch with that question. Sprinkle Brigade is already working on a second book entitled “European Vacation”, which will cover our travels and creations internationally. As far as venturing out to the forest, probably not. Unless of course we knew the animals would appreciate what we do. I mean seriously, how awesome would it be to see a group a bears rolling around laughing at one of our pieces.

VV: According to your website, one of your side goals in creating Sprinkle Brigade was to meet the ladies. Any success?

TSB: Fortunately, the SB team is a very good looking bunch. The fact that we are dog poo artists just sweeps them off their feet even more. And we all have had penis reduction surgery.