Now Hiring: Peter Luger, Dovetail, Momofuku Ko


Marco Canora needs a few passionate line cooks at Hearth.

Dovetail is looking for cooks.

Are you an extremely crabby old man? You could be a candidate for a server position at Peter Luger!

A sous chef position is open at Cookshop.

Dave Chang is looking for one last cook for his opening team at Momofuku Ko, where there may or may not be any servers.

Socialista is looking for cooks.

Hill Country, which is planning to expand to other cities, needs a new sous chef/pitmaster.

A new Italian restaurant is coming to the West Village. They are currently staffing up for an end-of-January opening.

If you are a crusader for the environment, you may want to become a Green Gorilla, and badger restaurants into adopting more sustainable operating procedures.