BLTs and BFFs


We knew Anne Burrell first as Mario Bata li’s most trusted sous chef on Iron Chef America. Her cowgirl outfits certainly made her memorable while she stuffed ravioli or rolled involtini. Now she is running two Italian kitchens of her own—at Gusto and Centro Vinotecca. But when we got her on the phone to ask about her fantasy last meal, there was no garlic and there was no olive oil. The part that did not come as a surprise was that Burrell sounded like a laid-back pal with whom you’d want to drink beer and shoot the shit all night. As for recent rumors about her future as a TV headliner, her handlers aren’t giving up much. For now, all we got was an open-ended “It’s way too early to say.”

You want to know my ultimate last meal? It would definitely be a perfect BLT. Thick, crisp bacon, juicy, perfect tomatoes, and crunchy, crispy lettuce. And french fries. Gotta have some fries.

What about the bread? A homemade pullman. I am a huge fan of BLT sandwiches, and I only eat them in tomato season.

Wise. Tell me more about the bacon. I like slab bacon, a little thick, and not hard—still pliable. And still sorta warm.

What about the fries? Thick? Thin? I like them very crispy, medium thickness—not pencils, but not steak fries. I wish I had some right now.

And what would you be drinking? Well, you know, always something alcoholic.

And where would you be? I’d be outside somewhere, on a breezy summer day. Or summer night—even better. With a pitcher of ice-cold beer. And after the BLTs, lovely slices of cantaloupe. And I’d be with a bunch of good friends, just thinking that life is beautiful.