Mom’s the Word


A 2004 experiment by Italian researchers produced strong evidence that children resemble their mothers more than they do their fathers. But writer-performer Christine Corpuz attempts to refute this conclusion in her one-woman show I Am Nothing Like My Mother. Well, perhaps scientific goals are secondary—Corpuz actually intends to showcase her acting, face, and figure (all charming). Alas, like many a solo per- former before her, Corpuz’s skills as a writer lag behind her histrionic arts.

Her show begins with the conceit that “Christine” is nervous and unwilling to perform, so her mother must step onstage to entertain us. Attired in sensible shoes, blazer, spectacles, and a strong Filipino accent, mom regales the audience with complaints about her daughter and stories of Christine’s youthful foibles. Occasionally, she leaves the stage and Corpuz returns in the guise of other Filipinas and Filipinos. She lacks literary experience, though, and this accumulation of scenes most resembles an audition reel. Actors of color endure particular struggles, but with her talents and new-minted NYU MFA, perhaps Corpuz will endure less hardship than most—and leave playwriting alone.

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