Jamie Oliver Cooks in a Beenie, Naturally


Jamie Oliver returns to the Food Network on Sunday night, first to battle Mario Batali on Iron Chef America (9PM), and then with a “sneak preview” of his new show, Jamie at Home. We just watched a screener sent to us by some delightful PR person, and, if you like Jamie Oliver, you’ll love it.

He is dressed like the Beastie Boys circa “Check your Head,” grates cheese all over the table, says things like “I reckon it’s about 3 tablespoons,” and uses his hands a lot. The camerawork is of the food-porn variety, with sudden, extreme close-ups and intermittent blurriness that should come with a warning to the hung-over.

Each episode is about a different ingredient (Sunday will be peppers and chillies). The one we watched was pumpkin and squash, and he made an “Asian-style” duck and pumpkin salad, some muffins, and soup. We like his unfussiness, and the effort to talk about foods in-season and gardening is cool. This show is watchable, like the old days of Food TV. But what’s a kilo?

Jamie at Home will be on at 9:30AM every Saturday starting January 12 on the Food Network.