Our Man Sietsema: ‘Some of the Best Indian Food in the Region’


Jersey City is the hot shit, have you heard? Sietsema introduces us to its Little India this week. Specifically, he basks in the meaty joys of Karnataka at Udupi Palace, where Our Man man declares some of the best Indian food in the metropolitan area is being made.

Sounding like really kinky porn, mutton sukka ($7.95) describes several fine large chunks of sheep cooked down to coarse chocolate sludge with coconut milk, like the best examples of beef rendang found in Indonesian restaurants. The sheep, however, is outdone by the goat achari: bone-in pieces of meat, almost full chops, lounging with swatches of lime-skin pickle in thick sauce. The taste is pungently acidic and the color is oily red. Note: Indian gravies are not considered done until oil oozes like the Exxon Valdez.

At Udupi Palace, though, the menu meanders to other regions, too—east for chicken chettinadu, north for alu gobi, and south for dosas.

Udupi Palace
789 Newark Avenue
Jersey City
(201) 876-4773

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