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2007: The Year In True Crime


Two Internet hoaxes that end in torture or tragedy. The disappearance of a civil rights pioneer who vanished almost 70 years ago. A daughter’s slavish devotion to her criminal mother. A G-man turned criminal. A serial killer brought to justice. A crack-maker turned cake baker. A monster who gets his due.

When it comes to criminal enterprise, no amount of creativity can rival the treachery and depravity of the non-fiction world. These are the some of the stories of the darker side of American life:

Did former crack maker, Chaka Raysor, really become a cake baker? “The Fudgitive” explores that mystery.

The “House of Death,” recreates the story of nearly a dozen men who were tortured, killed and buried in a small house in Juarez as the U.S. government was listening.

Broken Lives on Crystal Drive” tells the tale of Lori Drew, a 47-year-old woman who used a fake MySpace profile to mentally torture her teenage neighbor, Megan Meier, who wound up committing suicide.

“Monster Next Door” by Malcom Gay, is the tale of Michael J. Devlin, who kidnapped two boys, one of whom lived with him for an extended period of time.

Jack Morrison, a prominent Cleveland attorney, get snookered by a master con artist Paul Monea in “Jailhouse Rock.”

“The Life and Death of Jesse James” is a twisted story of Internet love and betrayal.

Lisa Hall’s slavish devotion to her criminal mother Joan in “Mother’s Keeper.”

The Mystery of Lloyd Gaines” is the story of the St. Louis civil-rights pioneer who vanished without a trace almost 70 years ago.

In “Fashion Foul,” Glenna Whitley details how clothing designer Anand Jon prowled the country for fresh, young models. Many claim their encounters with him ended in rape.

High School Sexical” tells the story of high school drama teacher Andrew Foster, who cops say controlled kids “in a fashion similar to that found in cults.”

“The G Man and the Snitch” tells the tale of John Connolly, a decorated FBI agent turned criminal.

“Marijuana Goes Upstate”
explains how Florida became the No. 2 spot when it comes to grow houses.

“An Uphill Battle” tells the story of Lance Hering, a soldier who doesn’t want to go back to Iraq, so he enlists his buddy to help him drop off the grid.

“The Babysitter Killer” finds the cops catching up, 30 years later in a Cleveland suburb, to serial child murderer Ted Lamborgine.

The “Guilt-Edged” is a story about a pugnacious criminal defense attorney, Frank “Tony” Fabbri, who found himself on the wrong side of the law.

“Dead Pool” examines civil attorney Lionel Sands’ claim that his wife accidently drowned in their swimming pool.


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