Starting Things from the Voice’s First Anniversary


[Here at the Voice we have more than 50 years of archives sitting in our library, and sooner or later I need to look through every damn issue. Now, for some reason, the large, bound archives of the paper, in drab green bindings, start mysteriously at Volume 2. I’m told that the first volume has been missing for several years. So we begin with what we have. — Tony Ortega]

October 31, 1956

Vol. I, No. 48, 10 cents, “A Weekly Newspaper of Greenwich Village”

Too Many Guests Spoil the Party

A Hallowe’en party that began with two girls, Jean Birnkrant and Judy Kalensky, touring the streets dressed as cats and progressed to a bongo session, was finally broken up by police Saturday night.

Staged by Jud Yalkut, a 20-year-old Canadian writer, and painter Ed Dickman, 26 to pay the rent of their Sullivan Street apartment, it attracted so many visitors that the police ejected guests on the grounds of “overcrowding.” Said artist Ted Joans, one of the guests: “All the guests had a good time, and it was a fine send-off for our Young Starving Artists Association.”

We Support

If we express our views on some local contests at this time it is not because we are laboring under the delusion that we are going to change anyone’s vote. These are passing reflections appropriate to this last week of the campaign…We would like to say in closing that we think putting Richard Nixon within reach of the White House is heaping an undeserved indignity on this country. Mr. Nixon’s precipitous rise in politics seems to us part of a growing immorality which places no limits on the aspirations of any man who has learned the trick of “selling” himself. It is a sad commentary on our times.

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