January 11 through 17, 2008


General Forecast

Since not much is happening, why not see where the burst of constructive energy generated by the Capricorn new moon on the 8th takes you. Unless you sense that you’re headed for trouble, if not a complete disaster, when flirtatious Venus tests erratic, erotic Uranus this weekend. By Wednesday, you could have an excuse to make amends as the goddess of love, beauty and re-gifting approaches idealistic, imaginative Neptune. Who remembers “let’s break up just to make up?”

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Aries: Mar. 20 – Apr. 19

Not to worry, Venus won’t desert you. The randy Ram should enjoy a reasonable amount of romantic activity in 2008. This weekend, Venus may show you just how fickle the heart can be when she squares irascible Uranus. After that shock of recognition, feel free to social climb for profit and position in time for a Happy Valentine’s Day. Somehow you’ll appear more attractive in April when Venus is in Aries and more rambunctious in July as Venus prowls through your Leo house of risk and romance. Married you can always get in September during Venus’ transit of Libra, your cosmic complement.

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Taurus: Apr. 20 – May 20

What about the money? Personal finances continue to swing back and forth as long as assertive Mars remains retrograde (Jan. 30) in Gemini. Even after Mars returns to Cancer (March 4), it’ll focus primarily on resolving — not to rashly, we hope –- a matter that has been irritating you since last autumn. The red planet leaves family-centric Cancer on May 9, giving you one more reason, besides your birthday, to celebrate the end of this trial by fire. Daredevil Mars provides ready access to other people’s money in mid-November. Inherit, invest.

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Gemini: May 21 – Jun. 20

Read for Taurus to get a sense of the financial implications of Mars’ transit through your Cancer house of personal money matters. Add the impact on a business/cultural enterprise that might occur when the red planet confronts expansive Jupiter in Capricorn at the end of April. Start zeroing in on folks who’ll understand your enthusiasm for this venture by adding more than their “two cents worth.” Mars is also the instigator that’ll shake things up at your house or in your family circle during its transit of Virgo, the consummate critic, in July.

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Cancer: Jun. 21 – Jul. 22

Moon Children should know when they’re more affected by their ruling “light” than usual. For those who plan ahead, clip and save: An annular eclipse of the Aquarius sun on Feb.6, the day after Mardi Gras and all those primaries, not visible in the USA. A total eclipse of the moon on Feb. 20th at 2 Virgo, visible here, there, everywhere. The total solar eclipse takes place on Aug. 1 at 10 Leo, visible only in the far, far north. The partial lunar eclipse on Aug. 16th at 24 Aquarius could be truly memorable since it conjuncts faith-based Neptune at the same time that militant Mars provokes subversive Pluto.

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Leo: Jul. 23 – Aug. 22

Although you might not appear as affected by the yearly eclipses as a Moon Child, still you should read your Crabby neighbor’s forecast for the dates these phenomena take place. An eclipse of your sun ruler can imperil your regal stance for a few days, while a lunar eclipse often provides an opportunity to show your strength. This is especially true in mid-August when impressionable Neptune in your Aquarius house of partners is being targeted. Also at this time, there’s an unusual amount of planetary activity in your Virgo house of assets and acquisitions.

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Virgo: Aug. 23 – Sep. 22

Love life in 2008, Part II. A typical June can be super-busy, super-social for Virgo, but because your Mercury ruler will be retrograde then, take advantage of the “no significant progress” maxim and relax. While romantic Venus is in your Gemini career house a cute client may want to play rather than work. And, if all goes well, play house during July while Venus is in domesticated Cancer. The goddess of love and beauty enters Virgo on Aug. 5, the day after Barack Obama’s 47th birthday. For the rest of the month, you’ll be practically irresistible.

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Libra: Sep. 23 – Oct. 22

Last week we left you and your Venus ruler hanging in airy Gemini because Mercury was retrograde. Come mid-June, the goddess transits your Cancer midheaven and activates your career zone through a social or family connection. Venus in Leo is always festive, the company you’ll keep in July, especially compatible. This year, try to take an extended summer vacation. During September the planet of love and beauty will be in Libra at the same time that passionate Mars is passing through. Instant attraction! Fireworks! Fun!

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Scorpio: Oct. 23 – Nov. 21

Although informing you about the major influences in 2008 has been my main objective, don’t think your love life won’t be significant. But probably not until Venus enters your Pisces house of romance and other creative pastimes in mid-March, which, as Fate would have it, is when your Mars co-ruler will be in Cancer, the third empathetic water sign. Nothing like a Grand Water Trine for feeling connected to the cosmos! In May, Venus settles into your Taurus marriage house for three weeks, an excellent time to indulge in all things sensual, sublime and sybaritic.

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Sagittarius: Nov. 22 – Dec. 21

Have you noticed? Magnetic Venus in your sign has been attracting attention from an unusual assortment of interested parties, and will continue doing so until the goddess shifts into Capricorn on the 24th. Her exit coincides with Pluto’s exit from your sign after a 12-year stint. Coincidence? Archers born near the Capricorn cusp should listen for the cosmic “clink” of champagne glasses as affectionate Venus and passionately possessive Pluto conjunct. A marriage made in Heaven or Hell? Only time will tell.

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Capricorn: Dec. 22 – Jan. 20

More good lovin’! After her sojourn through your Taurus recreational zone in May, and a flirtation with a co-worker or fellow gym rat, Venus arrives in your Cancer house of significant others in mid-June. For the next four weeks, cozy up to the person, or persons, who provide the most comfort and genuine concern for how you’re feeling. Up for serious social climbing? Wait until the goddess gets to Libra in September for the festive debuts of the fall season. Come mid-November, Venus makes it back to Capricorn and holidays at home.

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Aquarius: Jan. 21 – Feb. 18

This year it’s your turn to be tempest-tossed by the two eclipses in Aquarius as well as the one in your Leo marriage house. Read the Cancer forecast for the dates and Leo’s for the affect they may have on your allies and antagonists. Remember that living with Neptune in your sign for so many years might not have the dramatic impact everyone expects. Despite it’s glamorous connotation, Neptune’s influence is subtle, albeit persuasive. It’ll take time to absorb the full benefit of the transit, particularly for developing artists.

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Pisces: Feb. 19 – Mar. 19

Besides being dyed-in-the-wool romantics, Fish also tend to be confirmed hysterics. Therefore it wouldn’t hurt to know when in 2008 you should guard against flipping out. Forewarned, forearmed and all that. Aggressive Mars meets restrictive Saturn in your Virgo partnership house for the Fourth of July holiday, not the best time to try for a reconciliation. Remember, with explosive Uranus in Pisces, you’re already on a short fuse, able to go off at anytime. Mars favors that Uranian lightning rod in October, a good time to show how brilliant, how innovative you can be.

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