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Shooting Victim Fires $80M Lawsuit at Remy Ma


The victim of a shooting that allegedly involved Remy Ma last July hit the rapper with a whopping $80 million lawsuit on Wednesday, one day before Remy Ma was set to return to court for pre-trial hearings in the criminal case regarding the gun-play over a reportedly missing $2,000.

Remy Ma, her former label Universal Music Group and Sure Shot Recordings are responsible for Remy’s thugged-out image that ultimately led to the shooting of Makeda Barnes-Joseph, according to a press release sent to The Voice by Joseph’s attorney Lauren P. Raysor. Remy shot Joseph twice in the abdomen, according to Raysor, causing wounds that have led to three surgeries and weekly visits to the hospital.

“Only by pursuing those who we believe are legally responsible for this vicious and callous act of violence, can we hope to put an end to this senseless cycle of violence that is glorified by Hip-Hop marketing,” said Raysor in a press release.

When asked about her involvement in the shooting for a November 7th Voice cover story, Remy proclaimed her innocence and viewed it as another media attack on hip hop music and its artists. Yet, that isn’t stopping Joseph and her attorney from seeking millions from the rapper, who after being arrested has seen her performances canceled by club and concert promoters and was recently denied permission by the case’s judge to travel overseas for European tour dates.

“It strikes me that this is part of a publicity stunt,” said Remy’s attorney Ivan Fischer. “The claims she makes are inaccurate. She reaches into every conceivable deep pocket—people and institutions that have no more responsibility for what happened than the village voice. It’s grossly irresponsible.”

Joseph’s decision to file a civil suit before the actual criminal trial starts (no trial date has been set as of yet) is sure to lead to a victory, Fischer said. “I’m very glad that she’s filed this thing because it represents a position she is taking factually that is inaccurate and is showed to be inaccurate,” the attorney said. “The civil suit is beneficial to us. It shows someone trying to profit for an incident that she was at least in part responsible.”

Naturally, Joseph’s attorney has quite a different view.

“Makeda Barnes-Joseph is clearly the victim, yet Mr. Fisher and Remy Ma continue to make statements that they know will prejudice the jury pool,” Raysor said. “He has tried to portray Remy Ma as the victim, which is laughable.”

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