Happy First Birthday — Now Where’s My Newspaper?


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November 21, 1956, Vol. II, No. 4

Letters to the Editor

Where Is it?

Dear Sir:

All right, Happy Birthday. [Actually, the Voice had celebrated its first birthday the previous month, and someone must have noticed the counting error — the paper goes from Vol. I No. 50 the previous week to Vol. II No. 4 this week. — T.O.]

I like your paper cause it’s real arty and everything, but where the hell is it? Today is Wednesday, in case you have no calendar, and we don’t have last Tuesday’s copy yet. This is about average, the worst being as late as Friday of the week after, and the best being Saturday of the same week. This isn’t too bad, only we find it in the mail box when we get home Saturday night, so we can’t even use the movie and play schedules, the only part of your paper which isn’t truly timeless…

Nahum Bachrach
Maywood, New Jersey

[Ed. response:] Mr. Bachrach and several thousand other mail subscribers will, we trust, be pleased to hear that The Voice is in the process of acquiring second-class mail privileges, which should measurably speed up mail deliveries. Even with improved service, however, the matter rests, as always, in the lap of the United States government — particularly for out-of-state subscribers. The Voice will do everything it can at this end to expedite matters, as the ad boys say.

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