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I’ve really been letting these things get away from me again. Apologies. There will be another one soon, but in the meantime, here are a couple of recent ones that I recorded but forgot to post. This first one is from right before Christmas. Songs:

• Three 6 Mafia: “On Sum Chrome [feat. UGK]”
• Lupe Fiasco: “Go Go Gadget Flow”
• Tracey Thorn: “King’s Cross (Hot Chip Remix)”
• Air France: “Hold On to Me, Baby”


And this one is from a week ago. Songs:

• Lil Wayne: “I’m Me”
• Mountain Goats: “In the Craters on the Moon”
• Kelley Polar: “Entropy Reigns (in the Celestial City)”
• Diablo: “Jail Flick”

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