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Video: Ron Paul Supporters in the World of Warcraft


If you think bare-knuckle politics has reached its nadir in this age of swiftboating, opposition research, slander and smear, then consider the plight of Ron Paul supporters who conducted a rally for Doctor Paul in the World of Warcraft and were besieged by knuckle-dragging beasts of nearly every stripe.

Chris Thompson wrote about their quest in supremely entertaining article, Ron Paul’s Bloody Victory, in this week’s Voice:

At 8:30, the march began, and Paul’s supporters lined up single-file and tramped into Ironforge. Hecklers dogged them along the way, twirling their battleaxes and typing text bubbles like “He can’t win,” “He’s going to ruin the economy,” and “A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for socialism.” The marchers chanted slogans as they boarded the tram for the human city Stormwind, and then it was on to the hamlet of Goldshare. Because she had pumped up her character to level 19, Lettuce B-Free was too busy fighting off flesh-rippers and other random beasties to look back on the crowd. But in Goldshare, she turned and gawked at what she’d created. “There was just this sea of names,” she says. “The entire town was filled. That’s when I realized how huge this was.”

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