Nightlife Update: Sebastian Is Crucified


Sebastian photo by Elena Dahl

For several months, Sebastian has been the go-to place for cute gays and a smattering of club freaks, every Thursday at the Madison. But the last few weeks, the energy has been erratic, the crowds haven’t been big enough, and the up-down momentum has been more down than up. The weirdies have been a little bit sparser and the generic bar gays seem to be have taken over. (Mind you, I’ll still go there and find my fun. There’s always some zing to be captured between bouts of admiring Ladyfag’s feathery outfit.) Now, I hear promoters Kenny Kenny and Josh Wood might be aiming to move the party to a smaller space to reclaim the bash’s prominence. I say move it, Terri Schiavo it, stroke it, do whatever it takes to keep this thing of fabulosity going! And on Tuesdays, we’ll have a still unannounced bash Kenny is planning to do with his old Happy Valley partner Susanne Bartsch. And on Monday I have the drag show at Pieces and chicken wings and pool at View Bar. Who says my life is completely hollow and trivial?

Public Vulgarity and Claire Danes,” a piece in which Musto hits Sebastian.

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