Tonight: Lightning Bolt Side Project Wizardzz at the New Museum


Paper Rad, Problem Solvers (Detail)

Pretty radtacular event going on tonight we haven’t seen listed anywhere. So let us jump on the service tip for a minute:

East Coast collective Paper Rad premieres two videos: “Problem Solvers” (20 min, 2008) and a short entitled “crank dat spongebob batman dropdead robocop” (3 min, 2008). New York artist Ben Coonley presents a new performance entitled ‘Kindred Spirits is the Working Title,’ (15 min, 2008) and Providence-based experimental band Wizardzz will perform in front of a mesmeric animated tapestry composed of images taken from the Web.

Tonight, 7pm, the New Museum, New York, NY $8 general public, $6 Members [Info]

Wizardzz, “Whispers from Wallface” (MP3)

No Context: Zach Baron on Paper Rad at the MOMA


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