Kimya Dawson, Conan, Whoopie, Tonight at Soundfix


photo from Sunday’s Southpaw show by Cary Conover

So no Moldy Peaches on the Conan O’Brien Show last night. As mentioned here, Kimya Dawson and Adam Green had accepted an invitation for another ‘reunion’ on Monday night’s show. (“How could we say no to that weirdo?” Kimya wrote on her LiveJournal. “Conan. Holy shit.”) That enthusiasm waned when a “wise man named John Darnielle” reminded her that there was this little ongoing thing called a writer’s strike and Conan O’Brien was one of those late-nighters who’d gone back to work without his joke-scribblers. “I am not interested in crossing picket lines,” Dawson wrote. “Playing outside for those picketing, YES.”

Instead, expectant viewers got Conan trapped in a conversation with a granny sexpert who babbled about turning into household items like electric toothbrushes and cell phones and into sex toys. (Switch your cell to vibrate, put it down your pants, and then wait for someone to call. Yup.)

So Kimya didn’t cross picket lines to meet Conan. But next Monday, she gets to meet Whoopi Goldberg when she appears on the View. In her words: “[I]t’s pants poopin time.”

Which brings us to, well, Rob Harvilla’s piece in this week’s black-and-white about Kimya, her Sunday afternoon Southpaw show, her fortuitous appearance on the Juno soundtrack, and her recent obsession with preschool scatology:

But as a solo entity since relocated to Seattle, Kimya has flourished by regressing even further, and her Southpaw set hits its stride with a string of children’s songs that sound like they were written by children as well. Farts are a major motif: There’s an alphabet song in which E stands for “elephant farts,” S for “stink,” T for “turd,” U for “uh-oh,” and Z for “farts that smell like the zoo.” The killer, in fact, is “The Smoothie Song,” in which a pregnant Kimya (she’s now got a daughter named Panda Delilah, which I couldn’t have made up in a million years) demands a smoothie because she’s scared that her unborn child hasn’t moved in awhile, and smoothies reliably create a sensation “like a fart in a tub inside of me.” [Read the rest here]

Tonight Kimya’s playing the Juno soundtrack release party at Sound Fix Records, 110 Bedford Avenue, 8pm, free, all-ages. Then tomorrow, she headlines Europa, 98 Meserole Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Better bring a change of Underoos!

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