Oscar Wild! Predictions For This Year’s Award Winners


Just try to reject this man for Best Supporting Actor.

My very next column will detail my always immaculate predictions for the Oscar nominations. (Yes, there will be nominations, even if they have to announce them from a lemonade stand on the highway. Please, the Golden Globes managed to even pick winners.)

To tease you on my full slate of choices, I’ll tell you now that the frontrunners to definitely, actually, maybe win the trophies—as of two minutes ago—are No Country for Old Men for Best Picture (people admire it even if they don’t really like it); There Will Be Blood‘s Daniel Day-Lewis for Best Actor (the surest bet since Julia Roberts went home with both a white man and a golden one); Julie Christie and Marion Cotillard in a showdown for Best Actress (I love watching Europeans battle it out in the mud for some American validation); Gone Baby Gone‘s Amy Ryan for Best Supporting Actress (though a Tilda Swinton upset would be bitchily glamorous); No Country‘s scary Javier Bardem for Best Supporting Actor (Just try to reject him); and the Coen brothers for Best Director. (They’ll have to get scary Bardem to saw it in half.)

But as the year du cinema progressed, I became a tiny bit shocked that Gone Baby Gone didn’t ascend as a shoo-in nominee for Best Picture. Semi-joke Ben Affleck did virtuoso work with the lost-child saga, which I found far superior to the turgid Mystic River, based on a book by the same depressing author. And brother Casey, who was an even bigger punchline at parties, managed to deliver a fully credible performance, which is rare for someone so moist-eyed and cute-faced. (He’s good in the Jesse James flick too and will be nominated for that, but his dewy appeal is way overmilked as that movie drags on and on. And on.) I also feel Tamara Jenkins’ The Savages is an instant classic that should have easily been a Best Picture contender, and not just because I’m dealing with sick, cantankerous parents myself. But whoever the fuck is chosen, I’ll get behind them—and that goes for the Democratic nominee too!