TABLOIDED: The Daily News vs. The Post



Because when the Post goes off its meds, somebody’s got to write about it.

With everyone a Giants fan this week, the Daily News believes a random photo of quarterback Eli Manning holding a copy of the paper is worthy front-page material. It’s only Tuesday. We have at least five more days of this kind of pandering. And if they win on Sunday, it’s only going to get worse.

The coverage outside of the sports section on the game (under the strip headline “Sack the Pack”) is pretty typical. We get the “fish out of water sports fan” story. Packers rooters go to Village bar Kettle of Fish to watch the games. (Is there any way to institute a ban on (insert sports team or team nickname here) Nation when referring to a fan base? Who do we talk to about that? The other story explains that Eli Manning is not like other quarterbacks. He doesn’t date supermodels like Tom Brady or appear in every commercial on television like his brother Peyton. Instead, he lives a quiet life in Hoboken with his fiancée.

The Post (strip line: Battle of Green Bay), meanwhile, states the obvious by letting its readers know that Green Bay, Wisc. is cold in winter. They also pat themselves on the back for yesterday’s ”Jessica Simpson” prank with quotes from loyal Post readers who want 21-year-old Bothell, Wash. nanny Lynsey Nordstrom to come to New York for “good luck.”

Eli’s “thumbs-up” shares page one with a photo of the construction worker who fell to his death after a portion of the Trump SoHo building collapsed. Inside, the News has an exclusive photo of the victim sipping some water before the building collapsed. It’s one of those heartbreaking, slice-of-life candids that would have no significant meaning whatsoever if we didn’t now the as-yet-unnamed man’s fate that day.

The real news about this story, however, is that the company in charge of safety at the Trump site, Bovis Lend Lease, is the same entity that oversaw the Deutsche Bank building. According to the News, Bovis Lend Lease has had a history of safety incidents surrounding its properties. But, you know, a photo of a poor working guy is much more important than that. The Post includes a list of violations at the Trump SoHo site, and, of course, plays up the Trump angle in the headline and lead on page 3.

Why didn’t the Trump SoHo collapse make the front of the Post this morning? That’s easy, y’all! Britney Spears had another missed court appearance. The “Drive-Bye” banner headline was a nice touch, puntastic even. (Just in case you haven’t read anything on the Internet in the past 24 hours: Brit arrived at a court hearing to regain visitation of her two sons, but freaked out and didn’t walk through the door. She and her paparazzo boyfriend then headed to the church where Ronald and Nancy Reagan were married. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.) The Post wins this round, as they have full-color pics of Britney and the kids (not together, obviously) and of ex-husband Kevin Federline’s mohawk. The Daily News uses the same photo in its page-3 story as the front of the Post.

News staff writer John Marzulli did some good courthouse digging and found the 2003 divorce settlement between Victoria Gotti and Carmine Agnello. The federal government wants some of those assets (Agnello is in jail for racketeering), so they made a public filing of the divorce decree. Gotti apparently gets $25,000 a month in alimony and child support.

Apparently Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have called a truce in their war of words regarding civil rights. The Post classes it up as usual, using the scare quotes for the presidential “race” in its page-4 headline.

Jury selection is complete in the trial of Cesar Rodriguez, who is accused of killing his stepdaughter Nixzmary Brown two years ago. The allegations of abuse in this case are heart-wrenching. The News has been all over this case. Today it and the Post have used similar tactics for illustrating the now-selected jury. The News’s graphic is of amorphous outlines of people to illustrate the 12 anonymous jurors. The Post goes a step further with generic line sketches of the 12.

Odds and Ends

What’s with the potty humor? The News has a story about a NYC Transit bus driver who’s sent home after he takes a bathroom break during a stop on his route. (Headline: “Bus driver gets flushed after potty break”) Meanwhile, the Post tells us that the city’s newest pay toilet is “doing brisk whiz-ness.”

Lurid and lascivious Both tabs report on testimony from Princess Di’s ex-butler that her mother called her a whore for dating Muslim Dodi Al Fayed. They also both cover the MySpace moral panic story of the day in which husband-and-wife strippers from Queens allegedly seduced underage girls through the site, taking them to strip clubs and orgies. The News features a separate story about how MySpace has agreed to better safeguards against predators and bullies. We’re surprised the Post only mentioned this at the bottom of the rape story, since MySpace is another jewel in the Murdoch media empire.

They’re back! Weekend at Bernie’s duo try to get their money again from One Police Plaza. The good news for them right now, the Post reports, is that there is no grand jury indictment. The bad news? One of our buddies has a stomach ailment and was spotted puking into the sewers outside the courthouse.


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