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The Post Vs Barry Z: Barry With a Z, Not Lisa With an S


YOU know Barry Z. He’s the cutely nebbishy public access host who corners show biz types to ask questions like, “Why did you call the movie Capote?” Well, now he’s posing a whole other query: Why is the New York Post suing my li’l ass? Before I cut to a public service commercial about children with cleft palates, here’s the press release. (Yes, when a public access nebbish countersues, he sends a press release. Duh.)


How in the heck did the NEW YORK POST come to sue broadcast TV-personality BARRY Z for $28,031.46? According to Z, “Back in May of 2006, I was about to enter into a year-long contract/advertising agreement with the Post for my show (THE BARRY Z SHOW). I signed the contract but it was never executed by the Post advertising people. And then on November 16, 2007, I received a summons for the amount of $28,031.46.”

It should be noted that ‘Z’ had advertised in the paper for the previous ten years, and was then considered a good and reliable client by the paper. ‘Z’ then called DAVID A. RUTTENBERG, from the firm Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz, LLP, the firm for the New York Post, telling him that the contracts were never executed, answered, and, that no ads had ever run under the supposed-agreement. ‘Z’ also said that he intended to counter sue for $25,000.00. Upon further investigation, ‘Z’s staff discovered that RUTTENBERG himself turned out to have his own legal matters at hand, in an alleged sexual harassment suit, that was ironically, reported in the New York Post, on July 15, 2007.

Says ‘Z,’ “With all their brouhaha about increased circulation and fraudulent activities, I can’t believe they’re coming after me for an unexecuted contract and claims for ads that never ran. Some of the celebrity guests, newspaper editors, journalists, and, politicians, we have interviewed are coming to testify at my trial. The Post will live to regret doing this. My show has been a fixture in NY for the past 15 years, and this is disgraceful.” Suit goes to trial on March 17.

End of press release. I bet they’re quaking knowing that Joe Franklin and Tovah Feldshuh might testify! And that use of the word “heck.” Scary!

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