What is Going on at BarFry?


Josh DeChellis’ tempura bar, BarFry, was Deathwatched by Eater last week, after announcing a new happy hour deal where they will give food away. Today, a new PR gimmick from the seemingly troubled eatery landed in our inbox: a Valentine’s Day offer of not-so-chic sounding “naughty doggie bags.” In fact, we’re a little grossed out, and concerned. This doesn’t seem like DeChellis’ style, which could indicate that his partners/handlers are operating in crises mode.

Here’s the pitch:

Valentine’s Day –The Food takes a Backseat to The Love

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is all about men. Traditionally the men receive gifts and women are celebrated on a separate day all together. BarFry is playing with this idea and offering couples a take-away bag of naughty after-dinner treats which are sure to make men (ok, and women) smile. Each “doggie bag” will include Elderflower sugar, “Red Hot” whipped cream (cinnamon, chili), Chocolate covered strawberries (2 per bag) and white chocolate sauce (in tiny squeeze bottles). Certainly adventurous couples will also enjoy the prix fix menu of Chef Josh DeChellis’ inventive specials and twists on Japanese Tempura . Reservations are accepted.

We can’t personally vouch for the food, but Our Man Sietsema enjoyed his meals there back in September, and other trusted sources have reported that the tempura is good—though not spectacular, while the specials, sushi, and appetizers are outstanding. Perhaps this place just needs a Ssam Bar-esque revamping—and a name change?