Disney and Daniel Nardicio: A Hole New World


The nuts over at Disney want to keep that company’s clean-scrubbed followers away from jizz buckets, rim queens, and other gay raunch. According to both HX and Next magazines, promoter Daniel Nardicio has heard from Disney reps because his site,, provides an entree to free dirty events and wild porn, all with the motto “This year you’ll party like a cockstar.” The reps are not thrilled because people might confuse it with Disney’s, which has to do with things like Hannah Montana reruns. Nardicio’s holding tight, saying Disney doesn’t own the letter d.

But I feel they DO own gay raunch. A visit to the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid unveiled the king’s hot pecs, the prince’s tighly caressed bubble butt, Flotsam and Jetsam squealing like twinks on tina, and a screaming queen dressed like a crab!

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