There Will Be Gold: Oscar Predictions Come True


Alzheimer’s is a big winner is at the Oscars!

I got 19 out of 25! Correctly predicted Oscar nominations, that is! The big winners? Anyone playing an assassin, a gangster, a greedy whore, a vengeance queen, a queen period, or an Alzheimer’s patient. The losers? The Simpsons Movie plus most of the people in Into The Wild. I am beyond thrilled that Tommy Lee Jones and Laura Linney snuck in there for deeply affecting performances in dark films instead of my predicted Ryan Gosling (for the annoying Lars and Amanda Lepore, I mean Lars and the Real Girl), and Angelina Jolie (for that godawful Mariane Pearl movie that gave me a headache while screaming to be nominated). And Ruby Dee deserves it just for the time I heard her telling a friend, “Well, at least he’s good on E!”