Village Booms, John Wilcock Steps In for Injured ‘Goddess’


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January 9, 1957, Vol. II, No. 11

Booming Village Is City’s Prime Residential Area

“The Village has been, is, and will continue to be a prime residential area,” Edgar F. Hussey, newly elected president of the West Side Savings Bank, last week told The Voice. “It is THE residential area in Manhattan”…

The Village is booming, Mr. Hussey said, but “business development will be of the type specific to the needs of the Greenwich Village resident. It will not be the kind of general commercial expansion one might find in the Grand Central area.”

Shopping the Village

By John Wilcock

Carol Janeway, the blonde goddess whose writings usually occupy this corner, is recovering from a couple of broken ribs, so this week’s reporter (concerning mainly jewelry) could be regarded as an interim one. CJ not only does this sort of thing much better but has longer legs, and thus wouldn’t have thought twice about the walk over to Broadway and 10th Street, which is where my treasure hunt began at the home of Zora Accessories…

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