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Divvying It Up: Divine Remembrances From Mom


While my mother keeps working on her book called My Son, Deranged, Frances Milstead wants to republish her My Son, Divine, about the large and hilarious John Waters star she once gave birth to (this despite the fact that she admits she never actually saw her husband nude). Frances is also jonesing to make books out of the stacks of postcards Divine (aka Glenn Milstead) sent her in his globetrotting years, as well as the mountains of cards and mementos Divvy’s fans forwarded her after his death in ’88. In the meantime, Frances herself is the subject of a documentary making the rounds called Frances: A Mother Divine, in which she makes several John Waters-worthy revelations. One of the most memorable is that she was so poor as a girl that she had to use sugar sacks as tampons! If Martha Stewart had any real savvy, she’d start marketing THAT to the masses–along with recipes for all that sugar.

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