LOLBrooklynBands: Impose Edition with Les Savy Fav, Dan Deacon, Parts & Labor


Might need old copies of Showpaper cluttering your desk to appreciate these fully. But even if you don’t know that the girl in the unicorn photo is Shock Cinema’s Destiny Montague, you’ll probably still be amused by David DeLeon and the scrappily devoted dudes behind Impose Magazine taking a bunch of their live shots from 2007 and turning them into a ridiculous LOLBand series that features cameos from Dan Deacon, Tim Harrington, Parts & Labor/Shooting Spires’s B.J. Warshaw, Islands’ Nick Thorburn, Suckapants, and more. Next up. . . LOLBrooklynBands: the Musical.

Tons more LOLBands here.

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