Our Man Sietsema: ‘Like a Meatball Nestled in a Brown Raincloud’


Reading Our Man’s review this week, EfV was distracted by visions of a raucous birthday party in Flushing. Sietsema visited a new restaurant dedicated to the art of the hot pot, the Northern Chinese meal in which various morsels are cooked in hot broth right at the table.

We’ve partaken in Grand Sichuan’s incineratingly spicy hot pot, and it’s a good time, but at Hot Pot City, the deal sounds too good to be true:

70 items were available—an astonishing number compared with the other hot-pot places in town. The price was amazing, too: $24.95 per person for unlimited cookables, including tax and tip, with the caveat that you must stop ordering after two hours, though you can keep boiling what you still have on hand. For an additional $3, Hot Pot City throws in unlimited dim sum and all the beer you can drink, which arrives in foamy pitchers and tastes like Bud. For a diner with a big appetite and a bottomless reservoir of culinary curiosity, this was one hell of a deal.

It might even be good enough to convince our more provincial friends to get on the 7 train. If it’s running.

Hot Pot City
40-33 Main Street
(718) 886-3266