Project Runway’s Asian: Fierce but No Cigar



There is a picture of the mean Asian randomly sewing a bunch of denim onto the bottom of a jacket she probably snatched out of someone else’s arms to begin with because, as she likes to announce, she’s competitive.

Well, even though the fat guy made a dress that would only be appropriate for the love interest in a Color Me Badd video, he’s hanging in for another week. It seems Bravo couldn’t resist a bitch-off between Jillian and Victorya’s heinous coat-dress-things. Jillian’s might have been even uglier, but at least it seemed harder to make, and there you have it.

Other things that happened in this episode:

The designers were again forced to run many yards for no reason except to amuse you.

Wilmer cried tears of joy about seven times, and won for the first time.

Jillian wore a weird skirt that made us fear she might start salsa dancing or something. She also cried.

During a break, the gay version of that Levi’s commercial aired. You know, where the guy is pulling on his jeans and the whole building crumbles and he’s left with a hot chick. Except it was a dude in a skin tight T-shirt this time. It still didn’t make any sense. But then again, we’re old.

Everyone wore terribly unflattering shorts.